dog nigga
  • Original Name : Dog Ningen (Dog Nigga)
  • Authors(s): Serbianhero
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Mature, Martial Arts.
  • Type: Seinen
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Description: Rex is half man half dog. He was fathered by a drunken old man who raped a stray dog on the street. Because of his father, Rex has to live his life as a monster rejected by society. So one day… he’s going to find this man, and rape him.

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Dog Nigga, a.k.a. Dog Ningen, is a webcomic written and drawn by DH Animations with SerbianHero redrawing it.

Rex is half human and half dog. He was conceived when his human father (a drunken Dirty Old Man on the street) raped his female dog mother. His disturbing heritage has led to Rex living a life rejected by all of society, with most of his days spent in hiding. To sate Rex’s desire for revenge, he is going to find his father… and he’s going to RAPE HIM.

Along the way, Rex encounters other social outcasts with superhuman abilities just like him, in his quest to…well, you know…

As you can tell from the premise, the webcomic doesn’t take itself seriously and throws the whole Rape as Drama thing out of the window from the premise alone. There are currently 5 volumes (25 chapters) at the time of this writing.

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